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People interested in developing intuitive and psychic abilities with the use of source energy. This is a chance to further establish alignment by connecting to positive energy and increase skills that bring good to the world, self and loved ones. It's all love! All religions and ideologies welcome as long as it's about connecting to light and love.

The group will be designed to utilize tools such as meditation, psychic circles to test intuitive channeling of information as well as pendulum and tarot. Mostly the time spent will be in learning to connect deep within and access deeper aspects of our spiritual awareness. The environment will build consciousness and energy through group participation. Techniques such as Gestalt exercises as well as present centered approaches to help facilitate increased abilities over time. This is a way to build psychic connection through group participation and encouraging energy between one another.

I will be hosting groups in my office downtown and it will be capped at 10 participants per group meeting. Please inquire if interested so I can begin the process of selecting for groups. Happy to go on this journey with you and looking forward to meeting each of you :)

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