What we're about

Why a Group?

Are you a dad who identifies as the lead caretaker and have found a shortage of resources and opportunities tailored to other dads like you? You're not alone! There are indeed slim pickings when it comes to a dads' network, (at least the kind of groups that are free and have a weekly, casual format, where dads can participate as much or as little as they want). So if you're finding it challenging to fill your weekdays with meaningful activities that provide both adult stimulation as well as socialization opportunities for your little one(s), join our open, fun and supportive community!

About the Group:

It's FREE! All dads are welcome, regardless of your age, your baby's/child's age, sexual orientation, race, religion, etc. At-home dads kinda have to be an easygoing, flexible, supportive and adaptable bunch, and as such, so is our Meetup group. Everybody's input is valid and appreciated, and it's very important that all approaches to parenting are respected, as well. Whether it's your family's choice or a circumstantial thing, we're all going through the same motions as the lead parent.

How it Works:

To provide an opportunity to meet other Active Dads, we have a weekly meet-up format to help you get out of the house. This includes our Active Dads drop-in every Thursday in West Seattle, as well as family friendly activities that take place at different locations throughout the Seattle area. We also have occasional happy hours, picnics, and other events that may or may not include the whole family. Also, if you have a great idea for a meet-up, go ahead and create the event... there's no such thing as too many options!

But What About the Children?

A large benefit in participating in this group (or groups like this) will provide our little ones with multiple socializing and child development opportunities that many children of lead parents don't as often enjoy. As lead parents our children are our worlds, and our children's worlds are us parents, so the more self-preservation opportunities that we can fill our lives with, the better parents we can be to our children.

We kindly request no solicitations. If you would like to advertise on our site, please send an email to Will Owen.

Past events (273)

Model Train Show at Pacific Science Center Monday Jan. 21

Pacific Science Center

Carkeek Park and Playground Wed. Jan 16

Carkeek Park

Seattle Bouldering Project Wednesday

Seattle Bouldering Project

Funtastic Playtorium Wednesday

Funtastic Playtorium

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