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Pandemic-related message: This group will continue! (meaning that I will keep funding the group through Meetup, as travel will return at some stage). By joining this group, you will have the opportunity to connect with others interested in travel, perhaps share trips and expenses, and also to participate in arts, cultural, and restaurant meetups in Seattle, so that you can meet with other members locally. The Group Organizer will occasionally have overseas trips for a very small group (independent travel with cost sharing). A small, woman-owned travel agency has group tours to global destinations that members can join. Though originally intended for people over 40, anyone who is seriously interested may join. As with any Meetup group, you get what you put into it, and those who participate will gain more from the group.

Travel is a great investment, both for yourself and for your society. The beautiful experiences that you can have through well-designed travel will bring joy, both in the present, and in the future, when looking back. And the people you interact with, will benefit from the expanded horizons and heightened consciousness that travel imparts.

If you want to travel but find it’s not affordable as one person, not fun traveling alone, or too much to organize by yourself, this is a good group for you. If you are a travel professional and would like to publicize tours to over 900 residents of the Pacific Northwest, this is good group for you; please contact the Group Organizer.

Having a travel companion does not mean you have to share a bedroom--you can book lodging so each person has his/her own bedroom and bathroom. Nor does it mean that you do everything together--you can arrange some independent sightseeing or time alone during the trip.

If you are planning a trip and wish to find a companion(s), you can do a meetup (meeting) through this group to meet potential travel companions. Doing your own meeting is one of the advantages of this group, and a very effective use of Meetup. It’s easy to do, guidance is provided, and you make a $25 contribution towards Meetup's charges for hosting this group. Financial contributions from members and travel professionals help this group continue and be there for you and others in the future. Please note that members assume total responsibility for choosing travel companions and traveling with them, just as in regular life. If you are looking for travel companions, please contact the Group Organizer, Andrew, as early as possible to set up your meetup.

Travel professionals publicize tours that you can join, and these are meant to provide opportunities for group members. Please note that these tour announcements are not necessarily endorsements of a tour or a company. Please note that members assume total responsibility for joining advertised tours, just as in regular life.

The Group Organizer occasionally organizes overseas trips to Europe, Asia, or the Middle East now and then. These trips are not for profit, so it's a deal you won't get anywhere else. They are two-week, comfortable vacations at an average cost, for just a few people. The focus is on beautiful architecture and gardens, beautiful landscapes, and flavorful food and wine. Trips are planned up to a year in advance for various benefits. Previous destinations (and often return destinations) have included the UK, France, southern Spain, Morocco, India, Myanmar (Burma), Bali, China, and Japan. If this sounds appealing, please contact the Group Organizer, Andrew, for more information.

Join us to enjoy the benefits and joys of travel and companionship!

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Morocco Trip! - Sept/Oct 2023

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Tuscany/Umbria Villa Slowcation! - Sept/Oct 2023

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Iceland Trip! - Oct 2023!

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Portugal Slowcation! - Oct 2023

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