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Multiplayer VR: The networking behind Rec Room

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Tiago Sommer D. and Charlie H.
Multiplayer VR: The networking behind Rec Room


Happy February Everyone!

This month Dan Kroymann, CoFounder of Against Gravity Corp discusses the networking design of Rec Room, the extremely popular and successful social VR experience on Steam, Oculus, and PlayStation. He addresses some of the constraints VR imposes on a networked game, how those constraints reshaped design decisions, and some of the tradeoffs made when designing these systems.

Our speaker will also present a walkthrough of Photon and discuss how Rec Room leverages this tool to achieve gameplay networking. This talk is truly for everyone, intended to appeal to both those familiar with network design and those entirely new to the process. We hope to see you there!

We'll be rotating venues throughout the year! This time, our venue host is the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) at the Seattle Center Armory! We'll update this meetup with more information soon.

See you then!

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Academy of Interactive Entertainment
305 Harrison St Ste 405 · Seattle, WA
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