Visual Scripting with PlayMaker


Visual Scripting with PlayMaker (

PlayMaker is one of the most popular plug-ins on the Unity Asset Store. It started out as a tool to create and manage FSM, and is now a powerful visual scripting tool for designers, artists, and programmers. I will talk about my experience with using PlayMaker for the Run Megan Run prototype ( and how to get started with this amazing tool!

And we've got 3 copies of PlayMaker to giveaway thanks to Alex Chouls from Hutong Games (!

p.s. if anyone wants to share his/her projects to the group, send me a message!

p.s. if time allows, I can also talk about the process of submitting your plugin to the asset store from our experience with Simple Helvetica (

-Brandon Wu

=====previous updates========

Update: We are currently trying to schedule for Jason Robar, Co-Founder and Studio Manager of The Amazing Society ( (of the Marvel Super Hero Squad Online ( fame), to come speak to us about their experience with Unity3D. I'll post new updates when we finalize things.

Update 2: It looks like we won't be able to have Jason for this meetup, but we will try to schedule another time for the folks from The Amazing Society to speak to us.