• March XR Design Salon - Design Prototyping for XR

    XR Design Salon Meetup will focus on design prototyping for XR, details to be announced soon. As usual, we'll have plenty of time for questions, discussion, and connections. FYI, Magic Leap will be our guest for the April 8, 2019 salon which will include a panel discussion and demos. Join us on the Seattle VR Slack #designsalon channel to discuss the format for the meetup and how you see design in VR/AR/MR/XR. If you're new to Seattle VR Slack go to https://seattle-vr-slack.herokuapp.com/ to join. Or comment at the blog. Please email us if you want to post a blog about your experiences at the salon or about design in XR. DESIGN SALON DESCRIPTION Seattle VR and PlutoVR are hosting the Design Salon monthly meeting to provide a forum for UX professionals, designers, researchers, students and VR/AR/XR/MR enthusiasts to deeply discuss current literature, practices, research and tech from a design perspective. We’ll focus on a number of design issues which are unique to immersive environments, but look at each one in depth and leave time for discussion. Concepts central to UX design, user research, storytelling, collaboration, cognition and related disciplines will be applied to both the hottest and the most overlooked areas vital to designing usable immersive realities. Bring your curiosity! Salon Goal: To examine how design choices affect the user experience in VR/AR/MR/XR. “What are the boundaries of Design?” “What are the boundaries of problems?” - Charles Eames Light refreshments will be available. TRANSPORTATION Parking at Pluto VR is free. Be sure to park in a spot labeled "Pluto"! Bus routes nearby include 40 and 44. Our meetup is safe and welcoming. Anyone and everyone is invited! Are you interested in sponsoring, demoing, or volunteering for Seattle VR/AR? Then email [masked] to learn more about opportunities. Are you interested in sponsoring, volunteering for or speaking at the XR Design Salon? Contact Susan at [masked]. https://www.facebook.com/groups/seattlevrar/ Join Seattle VR Slack: https://seattle-vr-slack.herokuapp.com/ https://seattle-vr-slack.com/ https://xrdesignsalon.blogspot.com https://twitter.com/xrdesignsalon #seattlevr #xrdesignsalon @seattlevr