What we're about

There are many Euro boardgame meetups around but no meetup dedicated to wargames, so I created one. The purposes of this meetup are:

To provide a mechanism to find opponents for wargames - using either the message board or the suggested meetups function.

To provide a mechanism to organize larger events focused on wargaming. Anyone is welcome to use this site to do so.

To provide a general online gathering place for those interested in wargames.

I would define wargames fairly broadly for the purposes of this meetup - ranging from miniatures-focused games to Combat Commander, Command and Colors, Twilight Struggle to ASL and monster wargames.

Past events (67)

ChitCon 2 - Wargame Micro Convention

Needs a location

Spheres of Influence

Needs a location

Napolean's Triumph

Needs a location

Renton Army Men

Needs a location

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