• Visualizing Cancer with Oncoscape
    Speaker: Michael Zager, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Abstract: During the meetup Michael will provide a brief overview of Cancer Biology, demonstrate how the combination of machine learning and data visualization can speed translational research and discuss the technology behind the tool including: WebGL, Scikit Learn and AWS. https://github.com/FredHutch/oncoscape https://oncoscape.sttrcancer.org/#/ Speaker Bio: Over the past two decades Michael has served in leadership roles at digital and experiential agencies, founded two digital studios and acted as an independent consultant. Most recently, Michael has applied himself to a cause that has touched all of us: Cancer. With the generous mentorship of enumerable researchers, clinicians and biostatisticians Michael has developed Oncoscape, a visualization platform for large-scale, heterogeneous clinical and molecular omics data.

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