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Back for its third consecutive year, Northwest Bronyfest is a large gathering of MLP fans within the northwest region that meet up in Downtown Portland and tour some of the unique shops and sights that can be found near and around the areas known at the City Center and Transit Mall. If you enjoy hanging with fellow pony fans, this is not an event to miss!

RSVP Starting June 1, 2013 @ 12:00 PM (noon)


The day begins with everyone meeting up near Shemanski Fountain found in far north part of the South Park Blocks. As we wait for ponies to gather, please feel free to use the time mingle amongst yourselves and take the opportunity for photo's, chalk drawing, and whatever fun act ivies you can think of.

At about 12:45PM we will begin rounding up the heard and setting off for lunch. For those that might be arriving late, fear not for you may always meet up with the group at later on. Taking just a little over 5 minutes to walk we shall be heading towards Pioneer Place, a mall found in the heart of Portland. You will find a decent size food court on the lower levels of the mall, but unfortunately sporting the typical selection of food choices. There are, however, a plethora of places to eat around the mall, so do feel free to explore and see what the city has to offer that will satisfy your palate.

While this time is given for people to find something to eat, mingle and even do a little shopping, we are going to ask that everyone starts making their way over to the Pioneer Courthouse Square around 1:45PM so we may regroup. We will give people till about 2PM then the real tour begins.

The link above leads to an interactive map that marks the main tour rout and the locations we shall be visiting. While there will be a main group and set path, per say, people are free to break up into smaller groups and explore the wonders of the city as they please.

As we head out from Pioneer Square, the first place we will visiting is Rocket Fizz, a soda pop and candy shop. This is no ordinary candy story as one would be quick to notice as it sports a motif that harkens back to the golden age of cartoons, comics, movies and television. They selection of candy and soda is large and wide, with many you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. They also know we are coming and will be waiting for us!

Once we have satisfied our sweet tooth it is a near straight shot down to our next stop, Ground Kontrol! Locals of the area and those that have attended the previous Bronyfests should know this place all to wall as it is not only classic arcade, but a bar. The venue is open to all ages till 5PM when they being serving adult beverage and anyone who is not 21 or over will be kicked out. We've had a chance to contact the manager of Ground Kontrol so they know we are coming and may have a few pony specific events going on for us!

Just a hop skip a jump away from Ground Kontrol you'll find Floating World Comics. This comic shop has been here for a good 5 years now, but we had no real reason to add it to the tour, till now. While an email has been sent out to the management of the store letting them know of the brony presence in the area that weekend, we have not heard back from them. They do indeed carry the MLP comics, for which they are no uncommon to sell out! Outside MLP you will find nearly every comic series you can imagine.

Around the corner and just a short walk away from the arcade and comic shops you will find what I am sure many of you are interested in visiting, or at least getting your hooves on one of their glazed delights, Voodoo Doughnuts. I do not believe this place need much explanation of what is it and what they do, but we will toot their horn a little bit anyway. Voodoo is a 24 hour doughnut shop that has become world famous for their more obscure and unique treat, because of its fame the lines can be long, but few would argue that the wait is not worth it and since the store never closes there is little worry of not getting what you want, eventually. They have also been forewarned of our presence in the area this weekend.

There are many other places throughout the area with looking into, such as the near by Saturday Market and even Powell's Book Store just a way up the road on Burnside. We would not discourage anyone from exploring and seeing all the sights they can, but there is at least one place we would like everyone to start gathering up later in the afternoon, our final destination for the day, the Red Coach Restaurant.

This will be now the third consecutive year the Red Coach will be playing hose for us as the afternoon start to turn into the evening. Not only will this be where we gather for dinner, but we will have the restaurant all to ourselves as they are staying open past their normal operating ours just for us! The festivities here will begin at 5pm and go till 9pm. This will be a place where we can relax, eat and play games. We will most likely have a projector and a laptop to watch ponies and listen to music. (You are all welcome to bring your own games. Last year we had Cards against humanity, Apples to apples, munchkin and many more.) After all fun has been had you can choose to either go home or to your hotel and sleep waiting for the next day or head of and party it's up to you.

Sunday!!! Sunday!!! Sunday!!!

Bornyfest is not over just yet folks, this is a two day meetup after all. For those of you still hanging around the area, or plan to return to downtown the next day, we will be meeting up near waterfront around the Bill Natio Legacy Fountain. Like the day before we will begin gathering around noon and give people till about 1PM to arrive.

We wont be going too far though, as we will be heading straight over to the Portland's famous Saturday market! Anyone running a bit late will find the group wondering around over there. Here you will find a variety of food from all around the world and many little shops selling trinkets and souvenirs. We would encourage everyone to take time and look around at everything available.

Today will be a much more relax and casual day and those wishing to follow along we will be taking the group up to Powell's Books, the largest independent bookstore in the world! At least they boast and considering the store takes up an entire city blocks and is multiple stories high, it is easy to believe. Here you will find a fast collection of both new and used book of about every subject matter you could imagine.

The rest of the day is up to you! Feel free to take the time to revisit some of the sights from Saturday, or just explore the city and see what it has to offer.

While there are many pubs and bars to find throughout the city, we invite all those 21 and over to return to Ground Kontrol after 5PM for a final hurrah as we draw Northwest Bronyfest 2013 to a close.