• Wine Photography Shoot for Red and Roset Wine

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    The first 15 people to EM will get to come as my palace is small. Thanks. Sorry I can't take more people My honorary family owns a Winery in Portland, Yam Hill Valley Vineyards. Last year I shot all their bottles of wine for their web site. They recently added a new design to one of their bottle and asked it I would shoot it. I would love to shoot it with some of you. And who know, they may use one of you photos on their web site. Info about shooting location. I have a studio in my garage and can also make one outside in front of my front door, as I have a place to hang a back drop. I do not have great lighting in my garage other than the garage light and opening the garage door. I am looking for somebody who can come and be apart of the shoot who can bring lighting. I do have my photography box with lighting which is what I used to shoot the bottles last year, but it would be nice to set up a bigger display on the table with food and a whole set up. I am looking for this to be a collaborative shoot where we all pitch to bring things for the shoot. And after the shoot we can share in the food and wine. What I have: 1) Wine 2) Marcona Almonds and other nuts. 3) Dried Cranberries 4) Strawberries 5) one small wedge of Beachers Cheese What is needed for this shoot to happen: Please EM me what you are able to bring so I send out a list to those coming of what people are bringing. 1) one cooked salmon 3) one cooked stake 4) Bree cheese 5) 4 plain Wine Glasses 6) crackers the fancy kind that as nuts and dried fruit in them, which can be bought at Fredies or Trader Joes. 7) If there is a desert that you fill goes well with red wine or roset, fill free to bring. I am sorry to say, but my garage is small and can only have 15 people at this shoot. Also, there is a two or 4 hour time limit on parking in my neighborhood and it can sometimes be hard to park. If you would like to come please EM me and I will reply with my address and who else is coming. I would prefer not to list my address for all 700 member of this group.

  • Food in Motion

    WeWork (South Lake Union)

    This event is all about food in motion. We'll be photographing cheese being shredded over pizzas, caramel and chocolate drizzling on top of desserts, powdered sugar/flour being sifted, and wine being poured into a glass. We will provide the food, lighting equipment, and props, but bring your own camera (all cameras welcome) and tripod! The event will start with some tips on food photography and a tutorial on how to use the lighting equipment. We'll then break into groups to work the different setups, and then you'll be welcome to go off on your own and take lots of pictures around the space :) Here are some links I have found that provide great insight into food photography(please feel free to add more in the comments below) 1. http://www.mydiversekitchen.com/2011/07/food-photography-basics-6-shutter-speed.html 2. http://www.seriouseats.com/2015/03/beginners-guide-to-food-photography.html 3. http://foodphotographyblog.com/ Thank you all for such an amazing event in November! I look forward to seeing more of you at this next one :)

  • Sweet Treat Food Styling and Photography Session

    WeWork (South Lake Union)

    Hi everyone! We'll be hosting a food styling and photography event Tuesday, November 3rd at WeWork, a co-working space with lots of light, space, and great backgrounds to work with. We're going with sweet treats this time. I'll be providing lots of cupcakes and a few cakes to play with and eat. All are welcome to bring their own baked goods, whether homemade or from a store. Free coffee, beer and water will be provided. Please RSVP by Friday, October 30th, and only if you're positive you'll be able to attend. We can fit quite a few in the space, but I need to give some notice to management. I will also need one helper to help greet and sign people in. I'll post more directions on where to meet soon. Looking forward to meeting a lot of you!!

  • Tapas Making with Cannabis


    I found this on the web and I thought it would be great if we got together for it. I've never had Tapas with Cannabis, so this is quite interesting. Take a look at the event here (https://www.verlocal.com/event/cannacooking?referral=87)

  • Indoor Garage Sale!

    Needs a location

    Food photography props up for sale: https://post.craigslist.org/manage/4172420867 As well as the rest of the house. Lots of things left over that won't fit in the new home... had to downsize. Come check out what's left, INDOORS, for a farewell to the old place and a hello to new swag. Lots of bathroom, kitchen, cleaning, books, furniture, and more. Let's make a deal. Lots of free stuff, too. Please come take it and use it. Additional items being brought to sell by Chelsea Mae Dickson and Manita Holtrop! WANT TO SELL? Room for a little more, if anyone else wants to sell some things, too. Get in touch. PLEASE HELP ME MOVE MY STUFF by SENDING INVITES!!! I don't want to drag this stuff (awesome though it may be, I have no room for anything else) with me to the new pad! Por favor! FB invite (to invite others): https://www.facebook.com/events/180219212170518/

  • The Seattle Food Styling and Photography Group Monthly Meetup

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    Meet other food stylists/photographers/obsessive cooks and talk about ways to combine all of those things to create great food photos! Summer usually results in a bit of a hiatus for our group, since warm weather tends to result in a lot of no-shows and low RSVP counts. Since this is sort of the transitional weather period, I'm going to go for it and host our first semi-fall event. This may be one of the last events I can host before our second child arrives this winter, so if you have the ability to host future events, I'd appreciate knowing about it; expect that starting in December or so, my home will be far less available. I'll cook something to shoot, but if you'd like to bring something, whether it's food, ingredients, props or serving apparatuses, please do. I haven't quite figured out what I'll make, but I do hope to see you there on Sunday. Please make sure to keep your RSVP up to date. If the RSVP count is less than 5 people I may cancel.