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What we’re about

SOA hikes everywhere from cities to mountains to deserts. We go backpacking, biking, and climbing; ski and snowshoe, kayak, sail and swim, and in many other ways celebrate nature and the great outdoors.

While exploring the Pacific Northwest is thrilling and restorative, we care about our delicate environments and promote Leave-No-Trace principles and good trail etiquette.

To better protect ourselves from injuries and other life-threatening conditions, all members should take safety and preparedness seriously, carry the Ten Essentials, and be self reliant.

Check our calendar and join us on an upcoming adventure. We're eager to welcome new friends and hope to meet you in person soon. 

Your Organizer, Michael Songbird

DISCLAIMER: All activities hosted by Seattle Outdoor Adventurers (SOA) involve risk. Becoming an SOA member and/or participating in events offered by our Meetup group, you agree to release, hold harmless, and indemnify SOA, its members, and its organizers from any and all liability. You alone are responsible for your safety, comfort, and health.
SOA Event Attendance Disclaimer
S.O.A. is not a professional guide service. SOA meetup organizers function, as facilitators only, to enhance the collective group outdoor experience. By participating in any SOA event you agree to release, hold harmless, and indemnify SOA, its members, and its organizers from any and all liability in the event of injury or loss. Reports of trail and weather conditions are available to all (internet) and subject to change. You are responsible for your own safety and the overall safety and wellbeing of the group. We respect the environment we adventure in. We collectively know that hiking involves risks and that weather changes quickly in the mountains. We know the more prepared we individually are, the better the chance we will remain safe as a group. We leave no trace.

[signing up for any S.O.A. organized event indicates that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms of this disclaimer and hold harmless all S.O.A. Organizers and Event Hosts in the event of injury or loss].

Additional information about our group, Member responsibilities, and clarification of the role of Organizer:
Seattle Outdoor Adventurers (SOA) activities may involve certain dangers including but not limited to: hazards of travel in rugged terrain, physical stress, mental stress, inclement weather, and intended and unintended actions of other Members and Organizers.

Participating Members agree to the following statements:

  1. I am physically capable of safely participating in SOA events that I join.
  2. I am equipped with the appropriate gear and clothing for SOA events that I join. If not, I have pre-arranged required gear with the Organizer.
  3. I hold responsibility for my own safety while participating in SOA events which I join.
  4. I assume all risks while participating in SOA events that I join.
  5. SOA is not a guide service.
  6. SOA Organizers are not guides.
  7. Per's Terms of Service Agreement, SOA organizers are released from all forms of liability related to SOA events.
  8. I am 18-years-old or older. Note: Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Tips on preparing for a safe outing:
Before venturing into our state's amazing backcountry check the Weather Forecast. During winter, spring, and early summer, check the Avalanche Forecast.

If you're new to Washington state, be advised that Search and Rescue teams are busy year-round assisting lost, injured, and/or ill-equipped backcountry recreationists. You can increase your chances of a safe outing by equipping yourself with (and knowing how to use) the Ten Essentials. The Mountaineers offer an excellent low-cost hands-on navigation training course which teaches backcountry map and compass use.

Your feedback is important and welcomed!
If you have any questions or comments about our group you're welcome to email the main organizer or post your question or comment on our group's Message Board. It is our Members and Organizers who make this group a great one so thank you for making it one of Seattle's best!

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