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The Seattle Real Estate, Technology and Construction markets are all booming and new technologies and startups are beginning to transform this "biggest of all markets." If you are interested in how data, software and technology will transform the Seattle real estate and housing market, join us to learn, network and thrive.

Seattle is home to Amazon, Microsoft, Zillow, Redfin, Boeing and more construction cranes than any other country and by bringing these industries together our area can lead the nation and world in the digitalization and of architecture, construction, investing, real estate, housing as a service, real estate/proptech investing and more.

We will hold monthly meetings focused on investing, real estate tech, digital design, FinTech, PropTech, Startups and more - all industries poised to change as the built environment in which we all live is transformed.

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Seattle Real Estate and Digital Construction Hackathon
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UW Center for Education and Research in Construction (CERC)

The first Real Estate Hackathon was held in New York after Real Estate Tech Week earlier this month and it is time to do this in Seattle. NY Real Estate Hackathon - https://rebnytechhack.splashthat.com/ NYC Real Estate Tech Week - http://www.realestatetechweek.nyc/ Our AEC Hackathon group http://aechackathon.com/ was an event partner and the Real Estate Hackathon was led by Stefan Martinovic, an alumnus from past AEC Hackathons. It was a great event - here is some of the media coverage Inman - https://goo.gl/aADsNE Forbes - https://goo.gl/W2XneJ CRE.Tech - https://goo.gl/UQ3Px9 https://goo.gl/MDQhxN PropTech is hot https://goo.gl/GHPgbL and Seattle is the fastest appreciating major metropolitan area in the country https://goo.gl/Pqx4KL - and it's home to Zillow, Redfin, Trulia - so in many ways it already leads digitalization of residential real estate. Why not go faster and create even more opportunities? Join me in Q1 2018 to bring together the tech community with real estate and digital construction innovators. Seattle can and should be one of the Digital City leaders, and with the Tech industry growing increasingly interested in the built environment, now is a perfect time to push forward. The technology industry is rapidly becoming more interested in the built environment / real estate as the biggest of all markets. For example, Google just announced a $50 million investment in Toronto to create a prototype Smart City https://goo.gl/qSkmVz and is exploring Cities as a Platform through Google Sidewalk Labs https://www.sidewalklabs.com/ but let's now wait for Google, let's push forward now. More on Google Sidewalk Labs in Toronto On Treeehugger https://goo.gl/ZzMSqw New York Times https://goo.gl/TtJjpR And while $50 million isn't a lot, especially compared to the $500 billion Saudi Arabia plans to invest in a new Smart, Eco City https://goo.gl/24M1Fh Discover Neom - http://discoverneom.com it is a good start and it is time for Seattle to push ahead and digitize. Almost 50 people have already RSVPed for the Real Estate hackathon in this associated Meetup Group which I also manage https://www.meetup.com/Virtual-Reality-AR-in-Architecture-Construction-Real-Estate/ FYI - I am a licensed real estate agent, co-founder of the AEC Hackathons, a super geeky builder (robots anyone?) and founder of the Seattle VR Hackthons. I'm also the Seattle lead for the International Blockchain Real Estate Association http://www.ibtcrea.org/(more on that soon and in another meetup group).

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