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UPDATE AS OF 10/17/2019

Due to the updated subscription fees from Meetup.com, Eric Wyatt and I will no longer be able to support this group as organizers.

If anyone would like to assume responsibility as Organizer of this group, please send me a message and we can discuss next steps!

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Ownership of this group has recently transitioned. Eric Wyatt and Antonio Amato are very excited to begin championing Social Enterprise in the Seattle local area through events that engage and challenge our members to think differently and solve complex problems. If we haven't connected, be sure to reach out to us on Meetup! We look forward to getting to know this group better, learning the great work its members are doing and sharing your awesome stories with the rest of Seattle!


About the group: This meetup group is your on-ramp into the Seattle area Social Enterprise (SE) ecosystem. Whether you are part of an established or emerging SE or looking for your first entry point, we invite you to join us to build connections, learn and engage.

About Social Enterprise:

The term Social Enterprise can mean different things to different people. For clarity, we use the term more or less consistently with the Social Enterprise Alliance’s definition: “Organizations that address a basic unmet need or solve a social problem through a market-driven approach.” Visit their website for a really good introduction (https://socialenterprise.us/about/social-en...;

What we do:

Our events encourage learning, creating and strengthening connections and facilitating involvement within the Seattle area Social Enterprise ecosystem. Events may range from happy hour networking opportunities to project working sessions to round table or panel discussions to presentations. We create our own unique convening opportunities, as well has help to promote other events that fit well within our purpose.

NOTE: In addition to our posted events, we’d like to help keep you informed of other, relevant news and happenings via occasional emails from the organizers. Make sure your settings enable you to receive these messages.

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