Content Design 101 Workshop


Content design is a new discipline, not even 10 years old. It lies at the intersection of customer research, editorial strategy, and UX design.

It's not copywriting, though it does involve copy.

It's not content strategy, because it's more concerned with the "how" than the "why."

It is definitely design, though not like the graphic design most website builders are familiar with.

The practice of content design requires a new approach.

Forget icons and colors and layouts. Content design is about starting with your customer's needs and designing content formats that will meet those needs.

This workshop will introduce content design concepts and let you apply them in hands-on exercises.

About Larry
Larry Swanson is a lifelong publisher and 20-year digital strategist. He hosts the Content Strategy Insights podcast, interviewing experts like content design creator Sarah Richards, UX guru Jared Spool, and "top task" innovator Gerry McGovern. He is also developing "Kitchen Table Content Strategy" DIY guides.

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