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Qigong in the Park! Join us for relaxing/revitalizing movement and mindfulness.
Qigong is movement, breathing and meditation with the intention of generating a wealth of health, an increase of peace, a heartful of happiness, and boost of juice (qi=vital life force energy!) Find us on the Grassy Knoll between the NW parking lot of Green Lake and the Bathhouse Theater. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a blanket or yoga mat, in case we do sitting qigong. We will practice in all weather, except high winds and thunder and lightening. : ). Suggested offering - $10, or an apple.

Greenlake Bathhouse Theatre

7312 W. Greenlake Dr. N. · Seattle, WA

What we're about

ZY Qigong (Zhong Yuan Qigong) is a complete and powerful system of qigong steeped in shamanic, Buddhist and Daoist practices. It is a simple science of life that develops our physical, energetic and spiritual anatomies and guides us in understanding our Selves and the Universe. Dating back over 7,000 years, ZY Qigong has been passed down through generations of realized teachers; Grandmaster Mingtang Xu is the current lineage holder.

During our meetups we will learn how to accumulate and cultivate Qi, the life force energy, for improved health, harmonized emotions, and better understanding of life. ZY Qigong practice also increases healing and scanning abilities and is extremely beneficial for healers of all kinds.

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