What we're about

This is a book club for fans of Historical Fiction. We meet once a month at the historic Sorrento Hotel to discuss the month's book, and it's era.

What do we consider Historical Fiction?
We categorize Historical Fiction as a fiction novel written by a contemporary but taking place in the past.

What are meetings like? Do you actually discuss the book?
There is no formal format for the meetings and type of discussion varies book by book. Many of our regular attendees enjoy learning about history through novels. So though our meetings start with discussing the book, the conversations usually diverge into talking about that era. A lot of "fact checking" happens by our members when reading so there are always fun history facts thrown around! You can also expect an anthropological conversation or two, especially when life for those in the book's time period is drastically different than ours. And sometimes, the conversation will end up somewhere else, but it's typically related to history and arrived there organically!

When do we meet?
We will meet last Monday of every month at 7pm in the Sorrento Hotel's Fireside Room. If an event is going on in the Fireside room, we meet in the bar. You pay for what you order. Though no orders are required, the Sorrento Hotel allows us to meet for free without a minimum order, so it's recommended to order at least one drink :)

How strict are you on RSVPs?
After 3 no-shows without notification, you will be removed from the group. Accurate RSVPs help us prepare for meeting space size.

If you are interested in past books, check out our Goodreads page: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/185193... (https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/185193-historical-fiction-book-club)

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Outlander Book Club #7: An Echo in the Bone

Online event

This is a Sub-Book Club of the Historical Fiction Book Club. We are reading through the Outlander series. Normal book club meets the last Monday of the month. Look for the meetups starting with the month's name. Outlander Book club started in January 2019. We are now on Book 7 - An Echo in the Bone ---------------------------- The seventh—but NOT the last!—novel in the OUTLANDER series, An Echo In The Bone, has four main storylines: Jamie and Claire Fraser, are now in the midst of the American Revolution; Their daughter Brianna, her husband Roger MacKenzie, and their two children, settled at Lallybroch in the 1970′s (finding their feet after their return from the past—but are unaware that that past is just about to leap out at them again); Lord John Grey and his step-son William (Jamie’s unacknowledged illegitimate son), are embroiled in the Revolution on the British side with William in the army and Lord John on the clandestine side of intelligence; and Jamie’s nephew Young Ian: his troubled love-life is about to take another sharp left turn. The US cover design for this book shows a caltrop (and not, as one wit suggested to me, a Celtic chicken-foot)—an ancient military weapon, designed to stop oncoming cavalry (and still in equally effective use by the modern Highway Patrol, for stopping cars). A caltrop resembles a child’s jack, but with four tines. No matter which way you throw it, it will always land with three tines down, the fourth one pointing straight up—and every tine ends in a sharp point. You Have Been Warned. Eschewing such explicitly savage (if accurate) imagery, the UK publisher chose instead to put a skeletal leaf on the cover. I liked this one, too; the leaf being a poetic metaphor for the “echoes” of familial relationships and events that delicately vein the book. http://www.dianagabaldon.com/books/outlander-series/an-echo-in-the-bone/

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