BNE0x18 (25th Session)

SecTalks Brisbane
SecTalks Brisbane
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Telstra Offices

275 George St · Brisbane

How to find us

Meet at the Criterion Bar around 5pm, and we'll head over. Telstra doors close at 6pm.

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We'll have Paul Gear doing a walkthru of last month's Covfefe boot2root CTF.

togie has created "Lazysysadmin" Boot2Root CTF for everyone to try. It's classed as Beginner/Intermediate.

Here are some thing to take note of:

1) Bring your laptop.

B) Free wireless internet "should" be available, but is not guaranteed. You may want to bring your own wifi dongles or tether to your iPwns.

4) Based on the number of participates for the CTF, we suggest you form teams. We can help you create a team - just approach us. Those that want to go solo are still welcome to do so.

five) This is a learning exercise for everyone. The idea is to think about problems, make friends and have fun. Don't treat it like a competition (too much). If you are a beginner and no clue where to start, ask around, most people are friendly and will help out, or let you shoulder surf.

z) Have fun. Learn. Mentor if you are able to. Participate, or just socialise. This is supposed to be a fun, learning event for the security and hacker community.

As usual there will be beer, soft drinks and pizza courtesy of our AWESOME sponsors.

If you can't find us/get into the venue, please shoot us a message on Meetup and we can help out.