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SecTalks Perth
SecTalks Perth
Public group

Brookfield Place

125 St Georges Terrace, Perth · Perth

How to find us

LVL 15 PwC building. Upon entering the lobby, head to lifts A-H and enter 15 on the panel to call a lift. Reception will then guide you to where SecTalks is held. Arrive before 6pm as the lifts will not allow anyone to level 15

Location image of event venue


Want to talk at SecTalks? Please do! The submission process is as follows:
a. Fill in the Google form:
b. Submit it
c. A SecTalks organiser will be in touch closer to the time of your talk

Thanks and see you all soon! 😍

#1 - TRACE LABS - Crowdsourced Open Source Intelligence for Missing Persons (CTF: 4 hours) REGISTRATION NECESSARY

To help prepare you for WACTF ( we're running a special edition of SecTalks - a CTF night!

Trace Labs has offered us a unique experience by way of an open source intelligence (OSINT) capture the flag (CTF) contest. Unlike all other CTFs currently being offered, this is a non theoretical CTF that focuses on helping law enforcement find real missing persons.

Trace Labs doesn’t do theoretical. Instead, we partner with you to provide a CTF contest platform that will allow you to develop your OSINT skills while providing a fun and exciting contest. The platform is based off the popular CTFd open source platform, with the traditional leader board, team sign up and familiar interface.

The CTF is only for people who attend SecTalks Perth on the night of the 15th and rules must be strictly adhered to. Make sure to bring your laptop and charger!

The contest runs as a Capture the Flag (CTF) format where contestants must collect various “flags” which equate to points. The contestant with the most points wins. Contestants need to have their team or individual registered in the CTF system. The best way to get registered and get assistance is via our Slack channel.

Registration (this will get you registered in our main site, Slack channel and if you specific Event and Team will get you registered in the respective CTF):

Expect a 4 hour session starting promptly at 5.30pm!