Share and Learn Coffee Series: Year-End Look Back + Finding Balance


For this last Share and Learn of 2019 and with the holidays around the corner, I'd like to talk about two relevant topics: a year-end review and ways to achieve balance when managing two or more vocations. The first part of this discussion will be more of sharing what you achieved this year in your creative career, the highs and the lows, and what you look forward to accomplishing in 2020. The last part will focus more on finding balance and preventing burn-out when managing multiple things like another job on top of your creative career.

Please join me for coffee and some awesome pretzel bombs as we look back on 2019, share in our struggles while managing a second creative career, and also explore solutions that have worked to keep burnout at bay.

As always, please make sure to update your RSVP so that we have an accurate count of who is joining. I don't mind at all if you change your RSVP on the day of, but I do track no-shows.