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•Second Inning

We also give this name as‘45+ Live in Relationship’

We are creating platform for people who are 45+ widow, widower, divorcee to search companion for them. We are arranging picnics, drams, movies , so they can meet like minded people and know each other better.

‘45+ Live in Relationship’ What does it means exactly ?

‘45+ Live in Relationship’ means without doing a marriage can stay together on certain conditions. In this stay together like husband and wife or stay together like friends and give moral support to each other. They can also stay separate and go together for picnics, drams, movies. Other than this Gent + Gent just as a friend or Lady + Lady just as a friend can stay together, we are calling it as ‘Live With’

For whom we work as ‘Live in Relationship’?

Our organization is working for only lonely/alone 45+ people.

Whom are in our Second Inning group ?

We called Second Inning group who are 45+ Lady and 50+ Gents. We are making all of them member of our organization.

Single Parenting Support Group

Today Single parent having most of the day-to-day responsibilities in raising the child. Parents coping with the emotional and practical problems of raising a child single-handedly often have few places where they can look for help. They mostly rely on friends, elders and well-wishers for support. Once all come together, they can gradually form small support groups all over the city.Here single parents can come together share their thought, go together for picnics, drams, movies.

Fortunately again

We are also creating a platform for widow, widower, divorcee who are looking for 3rd marriage. This concept is for those who still want to settled down in family life as people are hesitate to come forward, we are creating this platform.

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Keshav Srushti, Bhayander
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Keshav Srushti


Hello everone,

We are arranging 1 day tour at Keshav Srushti, Bhayander in this month.

Details will be announce shortly.

Contact Organizer :-

Mr.Santosh Butala, Thane -[masked]

Hurry Up!!!!

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Happy Seniors Get Together

Santosh Butala

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