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Secret Lives of Utopians [Community Farm Living]

Calling all fellow Utopians. You too understand the futility of the rat race; think its about time a "selfless" movement started to stop inequality in human society & also bring in tolerance for people irrespective of their color, beliefs and economic backgrounds.

We intend to jump-start this entire process through community living on modern farms. Farms that function as the testing-ground for all things & ideas that spawn from "individual creative genius". This kind of freedom is another level of spirituality - the "cut wood, fetch water" kind!

We are set out to establish a 21st century Walden-type community, minus the behaviorist principles, all the while leveraging technologies that improve quality of life. Its not about just a "simple life" (on a modern, sophisticated Farm!), but more to do with leading a "fulfilling life" that keeps us thinking, being creative and remaining active throughout our individual lives, and choosing to pursue our own work & life choices within the framework of an Intellectual Community. A society 100% free of hierarchies and one which is tolerant of all racial colors, economic backgrounds and education (& provides equal opportunities to everyone).

We are an Action-team, not just a Discussion-Meetup group. We intend to make this a fun journey full of exploratory ideas, activities around community-building, travel and events. Mission: As a team, we shall action all steps in setting up the 1st model modern farm in India before end of Dec'2016.

Lets do this!

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Fun in the Sun

Chaipatty Teafe- your very own chai Cafe...

Free, Quality Education II

Chaipatty Teafe- your very own chai Cafe...

Free, Quality Education

Chaipatty Teafe- your very own chai Cafe...

1st meeting of 2016

Chaipatty Teafe- your very own chai Cafe...

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