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Everyone and anyone looking for an underground dining experience right here in Singapore!

If you like exploring new flavours, try out guerrilla style dining and meeting like minded people in setting outside of a commercial restaurant, come join us and eat with us! :)

Having an open mind and leaving any hint of shyness at home are musts!

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Healthy as I can BBQ!
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Jurong Safra Club

Hi guys, this was posted in another meetup group but I feel what's the harm in sharing the fun?

Ever gone for a bbq session and realised at the end that you have just put back everything on that you have worked off last week and the month before?

I recently had a bbq at a friend's place where people were actually more veges than meat, and it was, shockingly, one of the best I've had!

It was partly because before the bbq, research was done (via the ever-reliable youtube and google) for veges on the grill. But in doing so, it led to a discovery of various amazing recipes to the art of grilling. Of course! This is not a vegan bbq (because even I would not go for such a thing) but it's a session to discover new things in an old method.

This meetup will not be a lesson or a very formal one at that. It will be a time to catch up with members whom we usually don't have a time to do so with while cooking at a class. It's also to just lay back and simply enjoy good food and better company. The only cooking involved will be the simple grilling!

If you think you have an amazing bbq recipe you would like to share with everyone, bring it on! We will pick the 5 recipes here, preparation (or buying) work will be coordinated so you will not have to do it alone! And I suggest at the bbq that we all take a turn at the grill.

But but but... don't worry.... there will still be some bbq must-haves like hotdogs, chicken wings and corn!

Heads-up! A competition will be held to see who can come up with the best recipe on the spot with the given ingredients!

Please transfer $28 to either of these accounts and email me at [masked] or text[masked] to let me know once you have transferred.

POSB Savings:[masked]

UOB Savings:[masked]

The location is still a toss up between:

1. Jurong SAFRA - $80, shleter, free entry to pool for 25pax, 5-9pm only, carpark fee for those driving and

2. Labrodor Park - $12, no shelter, free parking.

Can I have some votes please? By tomorrow latest, I will tally the response from the replies below and book accordingly. BBQ pits are being snapped up, so let's decide quick!

So who's in?

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