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What we're about

We are nondual teachers that have been teaching in Europe for the past several years.
While we are in the USA, we propose Satsangs and workshops that are open to everyone interested in awakening and nonduality.
Our teaching is about allowing our students to have the direct experience of nondual awareness for themselves.

If you're interested in nondual teachings such Advaita Vedanta (Ramana Maharshi, Nisagardatta Maharaj,...), Adyashanti, Rupert Spira, Mooji, A Course in Miracles, etc., you will probably resonate with our teachings. Our Satsangs are casual and available to join in person or online.

More about Ken Kelly & Brigitte Hansoul

After researching the most efficient approaches, Ken and Brigitte have developed The One Process program to allow everyone access the experience of awakening. They have developed a PsychoSpiritual based program, which is an approach designed for therapists that would like to practice therapy from the Self. They serve on the Board of Therapeutia, Institute for Training in Psychotherapy, Brigitte as President and Ken as Vice President. They have founded The Process AISBL, an international non-profit to promote information and programs about awakening to provide access to all.

Together, they have already brought hundreds of students to the door of awakening. Ken and Brigitte teach together and are not limited to describing their experiences and that of others, just for you to say 'That must be fantastic for the lucky ones!', or for you to have an intellectual understanding of awakening. Their seminars lead you to have this experience yourself.

Brigitte Hansoul

Feeling very early the call of truth, and to find answers to metaphysical questions, Brigitte turned to science and quantum physics and became a civil engineer specialized in physics. She then became a psychologist and psychoanalytical psychotherapist and ran a care unit in a psychiatric hospital in Brussels. She also practiced numerous other modern therapeutic methods and spiritual psychology.

Co-founder and President of Therapeutia, a training institute for psychotherapy, she created the first European program of psychotherapy integrating energy psychology, an innovative therapy current, of which the best-known method is EFT. Brigitte was a pioneer of clinical EFT, which pertains to the application of EFT to the field of clinical psychology and mental health. Brigitte is the co-author of two books with Yves Wauthier: 'EFT, Tapping, and Energy Psychology '(2010) and 'Clinical EFT' (2014), both published by Dangles.

Still president of Therapeutia, Brigitte is no longer teaching in the clinical psychotherapy program she has created. In recent years, she has devoted herself along with Ken to the teaching of awakening and psychospirituality (non-dual therapy) through The One Process.

A few years ago, awakening to ‘the natural state’ began. Since, she's teaching non dualism, awakening and psychospirituality with Ken, my husband.

Ken Kelly

Ken was aware of his true nature and the experience of oneness from a very young age. Raised in a Christian culture, he practiced Buddhist principals for more than ten years and was a teacher of A Course in Miracles.
The different spiritual orientations and traditions are for him only pointers to the truth, which always resides beyond all conceptualizations.
He has been teaching “ The One Question ” for nearly two decades, which is a non-dual practice that leads to stabilization and deepening into the awakened state.

After looking for the most efficient approaches, together, they have put together the program and the educational methods for The One Process to allow everyone to reach the awakening experience.

They are committed to sharing these teachings with you and accompany everyone with a direct and personalized transmission.

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