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What we’re about

This Meetup is for anyone who likes to dance, sing, and learn about and celebrate the world's spiritual traditions while enlivening the heart and awakening the spirit.

We create the live music together!

Circling to share and explore, uplift, and celebrate the essential unity of the people of all cultural traditions, we embody prayer through dance, walk, and sacred phrase. Participants describe multiple personal and spiritual growth benefits of these simple dances that we joyfully share. Explore dances that lead us to meditative consciousness and inner peace. For more than 45 years in gatherings around the world the Dances of Universal Peace are a form of circle dance utilizing movement and sacred phrases from the world's spiritual traditions. These Dances have also been called, "Sufi Dancing."

No experience or partner required. Everyone is welcome!

Suggested offering: $10 (In these difficult times, as always, no one is turned away for lack of funds. Offer whatever feels generous in your heart, according to your own circumstances.

"In the Dances of Universal Peace we take sacred phrases from the spiritual traditions of the earth, link hands in the circle of life, and dance, chant and pray for peace, joy, upliftment, and the elevation of our consciousness. We celebrate and acknowledge that which unites us, the breath of unity. We honor the many paths that lead Toward the One and we come to understand and honor ourselves and each other more deeply." ~Anahata Iradah, Prema Dasara. 

No previous experience necessary. These simple circle dances are all taught as we do them. 

All are welcome! Please join us for this Celebration of the Heart! 

Snacks are often shared afterward!

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Dances of Universal Peace Northern Arizona


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