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This is a group for anyone who is interested in healing your mind, body + soul! If you'd like to learn more about your spirituality, clearing blocks, healing mental and physical pain and energy work, this would be the place to go! I'm a Shamanic Healer and would love to meet you!

If you'd like to learn more about what I do, feel free to check out my website and social media:)


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Shamanic Empowerment LIVE, VIRTUAL TRAINING!



🦄CALLING ALL SPIRITUAL BADASSES WHO WANT TO UP-LEVEL THEIR SPIRITUALITY!!🦄 HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF + RECLAIM YOUR POWER WITHOUT HAVING TO RELY ON ANYONE BUT YOURSELF For the past month I’ve been working on something for all of you and I’m finally ready to reveal it🙋🏻‍♀️ If you’ve ever wished you could figure out why you went through a terrible situation, why the relationship didn’t work or maybe you’re going through a transition and you wish you had the answers as to which path to take. Maybe you have anxiety, pain and need healing…THIS IS FOR YOU!! So often people ask me how I do what I do. How do I do a healing session for them? How do I look into their past lives and clear the wounds and correct their timeline? Well, on JUNE 9TH, I’m having for the first time ever a LIVE, virtual training where I will be teaching you how exactly I do my spiritual work and how YOU can do it yourself🙌🏻 You do not need any prior spiritual experience! This training is for people who want to feel confident in their decisions and stop second guessing themselves. They want to TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR LIFE, take massive action, HEAL themselves at a soul level, find clarity and answers🙏 In only 4 hours, I’ll teach you how to: meet your power animal (yes, we all have one and you WILL meet them!) take a Shamanic Journey in which you will travel to alternate realities Receive a healing and teaching from your power animal do this work while protecting and grounding yourself Build your own alter and what sacred tools to use PLUS: After the training is over, you will receive a FREE 1:1 remote healing session with me just so you can further see how transformative this work is You’ll also receive a 30 minute Throat Chakra sound healing that I’ve made for you This Shamanic Empowerment training is unlike any other training because I have my own unique way of doing this spiritual work. I’m SO excited to share my knowledge with you so you can receive all of the healing, wisdom, guidance and clarity you so deserve!✨ If you’re to take this in-depth, transformative, LIVE virtual training with me and reclaim POWER over your life, click the link here: https://mariel-heather.mykajabi.com/shamanic-empowerment

Release + Transform: Awaken Your Mind, Body and Soul Half Day Retreat

Have you ever wanted to shift your life but had no idea how to do so? Or do you feel like something is holding you back but you can't exactly pinpoint what it is or how to make it go away? Staci Speece-Rider and I have!! We all go through transitions in our life, confusion, energy blocks, anxiety so Staci and I have created a half day retreat where we can HELP you, HEAL you, and activate your higher self so you can receive all of the answers you're looking for. This half day retreat is ONLY for people who are: 1) ready to take action 2) committed to doing the work to heal themselves 3) excited about change (because your life WILL start change after this) 4) tired of being stuck This half day retreat is NOT for people anyone who thinks there is a magic pill and does not want to make an effort to transform their lives. Why do you need this half day retreat? And why is now the best time to experience this? You'll be able to harness the energy of the lunar eclipse to create a smooth release/transition of what no longer serves us You'll experience a guided mediation and south bath so you can heal your mind, body and soul at a cellular and vibrational leve We'll lead you on a guided hike to one of Sedona's most powerful Vortex You'll get to be a part of an Ancestral Cacao Fire Ceremony underneath the moon. This will clear any bad habits, patterns, experiences passed down through your lineage. We'll harness the power of Cacao which is a very powerful plant medicine that opens our hearts and helps us connect to our high selves and others around us. Plus, you'll receive these AMAZING bonuses when you sign up today: - One, FREE private, hour long 1:1 session with Mariel is included for any time after our half-day together. The session can be in person or remotely. ($175 value) - One, FREE 30-minute Discovery Call with Staci along with a $75 discount to sign up for the Relentless Transformation program ($150 value) Only 15 spots available! When all 15 spots are filled, the retreat will be CLOSED! Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." If you want a DIFFERENT result in your life, you have to do something DIFFERENT and that's why Staci and I are so . excited to lead you on this transformation half day retreat!

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