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Do you want to learn techniques to be at your full human potential?

Do you want to learn how to create an impact in your life?
Are you searching for a deeper meaning in your life?

Join us at this seminar to learn tools that will enhance your sensitivity that will bring effectiveness in your surrounding in clarity and peace.
There will be hands-on energetic work for every participants throughout the seminar.


Energetic Human Structure & Structure of the Universe



This workshop has theoretical and practical aspects that explore multidimensional constructs of the universal reality for the benefit of life. In discovering these layers, participants will learn how to maintain energetic balance, work towards developing their full potential and putting it in motion for Humanity. We have recently experienced many warnings from natural disasters to social changes. Recognizing our time to act, you will learn how to concretely influence the future of our Planet.



Based on the place, date and time of our birth we have imprints that support the expression of our Identity. This individual recipe is the key to our potential. As such, it represents the fundamental element for perceiving reality. In this workshop, we will explore diverse expressions of human energetic structures, learn how we can safeguard our Identity and respect others. Loss of our identity means loss of our capacity to perceive reality.

Modern Energetic Structure of the Human Body

We will explore the colors, qualities and vibratory sounds associated with each energetic center of our body. In addition, we will discover the function of our subtle body structures and its dynamics. This will show each participant how to maintain regular energetic health for a balanced and serene life.


Consciousness is a universal energy. By transforming our inherited unconscious, programmed limitations and behavioral patterns, we will learn to allow more clarity and light into our life and reveal a new reference of our strength.

Five Senses Corresponding to the Five Elements

Each of our senses corresponds to one fundamental element of creation: fire / water / air / earth / ether. Learning how to balance the sensory perceptions and elements we will put in place a foundation for developing our sixth sense and discovering the 6th element.

Meditation of the Present Time

Relaxing by following your breathing and witnessing the moment. A few minutes of meditation balancing your centers bring peace and clarity into our lives.

Structure of the Universe

Recognizing the infinitely large dimension of creation offers us an understanding of where we come from and what our true universal purpose is. What happened with the Big Bang and what was before it? What will become of our future? Who and where are we in time and space in these interesting and challenging times? What can we do?


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Jennie Ma is a general organizer for Seeds of Consciousness seminars for Asia. She has organised synchronized global meditation with 32 countries for Meditatoday, and has traveled for energetic acupuncture expeditions to France, Spain & Swizerland. Jennie started practicing meditation over 20 years ago, she was born and raised in Hong Kong, and has been living in New York City for 18 years.

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