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I am hoping this Meetup will offer an easy way for spiritual seekers and like-minded people to find the connections and resources they are looking for in Spirituality. The purpose is to provide a gathering where spiritual workshops, classes, and events can come together for our area, with the intention of fostering an intimate setting for people who are interested in exploring the wisdom and compassion available to us through open to discussions on whatever higher vibrational things that interest you.
You don't need to know anything; you just need to have an open heart and mind to enjoy and learn from this group where we can share our spiritual knowledge. What we find interesting, what works for us, what doesn't work for us, our mistakes and how can we apply all this spiritual knowledge to everyday life. This group is about the “Spiritual Path”. Which spiritual path? “ANY”….. because SPIRITUALITY IS YOUR OWN PATH. Each person follows their own spiritual path. Spirituality is not a religion or dogma, IT IS WHAT YOU CARRY INSIDE YOUR SOUL.
This Meetup will be for: Spiritualist, Free Thinkers, People who meditate, Hippies, Shamans, Energy Healers and Workers, Open Minded People, Truth Seekers, Spiritual Explorers, Holistic Health, Psychics, Empaths, practitioner of the Chakra Energies, Mediums, Metaphysical Explorers and for people who believe in the subtle energies that pervade our universe.
I want to include discussions across a wide variety of disciplines, such as:
Astrology ~ Buddhism ~ Channeling ~ Christ Consciousness ~ Conversations with God ~ Daoism ~ Drumming ~ Eckharte Tolle ~ Energy Healers ~ ETs ~ Feng Shui ~ Healing ~ Manifestation ~ Law of Attraction ~ Lightbody ~ Meditation ~ Metaphysics ~ New Age ~ Nia ~ Numerology ~ Paganism ~ Personal Growth ~ Psychics ~ Reiki ~ Self-Empowerment ~ Shamanism ~ Sound Healing ~ Spirituality ~ Spiritual Retreats ~ Starbeings ~ Tarot ~ Transformation ~ Wicca ~ Yoga ~ and More As It Develops . So please join in so we all can come together, because you have to admit in the Birmingham area and the Southeast in general there are not many opportunities for people like us to gather, bond and establish new friends.

P.S. I will end with this: please forgive my use of labels in the above description (and by no means is this list exhaustive) but you kind of have to otherwise you might not understand who I am trying to get connected together. Peace, Love, Light.

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