What we're about

This group is for those who are seeking a community of faith and a safe space to explore personal spirituality. We recognize that no faith group is perfect, as we are all human, and that there are many different ways to commune with God and each other than a traditional Sunday worship service.

Whether you consider yourself to be religious, spiritual, neither or both, this is a platform intended for open, honest, compassionate, non-judgmental dialogue as we explore questions that have historically given purpose to our lives. We are all on this journey of life together, each of us just trying to figure it out as we go along—none of us have been at this place in our lives before now.

We have so many influences around us trying to tell us the answers we seek, but just as many of us have the gut feelings that don’t allow others’ “answers” to satisfy our thirst for spiritual connection, personal truth, and genuine community. Drawing influence from all things— from Harry Potter to Beyoncé—Let’s get together to discuss, learn, and grow from each other.

We meet in various places, ranging anywhere from Nashville to Columbia, TN -- Not exclusively Williamson Co. Each week there will be a different member that will "host" a gathering--that host having choice of location and subject matter to be explored. Don't worry, hosting is not a requirement ;)

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Seekers Virtual Meetup

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Seekers Virtual Meetup

Online event

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Drakes Bar & Eatery

Seekers of Secular Ethics

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