What we're about

The purpose of this group is to create a container that allows you to show up as you are and be open to transformation and healing. It is more than personal healing, it is healing for your community and for our beautiful Earth, our Pachamama.

Deepen your relationship to the nature spirits in our midst and awaken to the language that the universe is speaking to you everyday, every moment.

With the assistance of a shamanically empowered altar known as a Pachakuti Mesa your connection to spirit is amplified. The Seekers & Leaders of the Shamanic Arts Meetup shares insights and actions that promote earth-honoring rituals and ceremony. When we gather we explore, celebrate and honor the forces of the natural world so you can awaken to your highest self.

The events offered include: shamanic journeying, (guided by drumming & live gong), performing limpias (energetic cleansings) and creating a community despacho (gratitude bundle).

Seekers & Leaders of the Shamanic Arts regularly offers many transformational classes: creating your own healing waters/essences, making shamanic tools such as feather wands, working with extraction stones, and every December we have a special Visioning Day. Things evolve and change, and we bring new classes to the community - as well as hosting other teachers/healers; inviting them to share their insight.

Join us, we would love to have you.

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