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The Seeking Root (https://www.theseekingroot.com) offers a sacred and safe space to explore all aspects of your truth for healing and transformation. Allow sacred earth medicine, powerful energy medicine, community and spiritual guidance to help you uncover your true nature. Your truth will become your map towards true wellness. There are many paths to true wellness, and The Seeking Root simply helps you find your path.

When you give yourself permission to heal, we can begin. The healing you do creates a ripple that touches the lives of others in profound and beautiful ways. That is the power of one. Just as a root of a tree goes deep down to find nourishment and strength, we too must go deep within to grow towards the light and blossom into our full potential.

What to expect during a gathering:

The Seeking Root is about uncovering your truth. It's about truly letting go. It's about getting in touch with your roots. It’s about choosing a life of balance and happiness. It's about paying attention to your body's needs. It's about quieting your mind for true wisdom and purpose. It's about taking action for the greatest good. It's about being gentle with yourself in your most difficult days. It's not about being perfect, it's about practicing. We practice together.

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Life Giving Tree Planting Day


The Expansion Retreat


Day Out Of Time Gathering

Honoapiilani Hwy - 1 mile south of Maui Tropical Plantation

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