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Readings by Shira: CLOSED
Raise your vibration and attain inner peace. Receive loving messages filled with healing and hope from your Deceased Loved Ones, Guides, and Angels. Have you been feeling lost and are looking to connect with your loved ones that have crossed over? Do you need to find closure and heal, so that you can lovingly move forward with your life? Shira. has the amazing ability to communicate with your deceased loved ones and validate their continued presence in your life as she delivers heart-felt messages that give much needed validation and closure all focused around love. In this special unique opportunity, Shira comes to Balance for Life offering a limited number of private one on one readings. Readings last 30 minutes ~ $75 ( cash ) Shira, nominated one of Long Island's Best Psychic Mediums, has studied spirituality under many gifted teachers and holds a Masters degree in Communication, which she believes helps her deliver healing messages with grace and gratitude. Shira is also an automatic writer and many a times can be found channeling direct messages from your loved ones during private sessions. With daily meditation, Shira believes you can awaken your natural abilities and welcome the light into your life. Available Appointment Times: 5:30pm: BOOKED 6:00pm: BOOKED 6:30pm: BOOKED 7:00pm: BOOKED 7:30pm: BOOKED 8:00pm: BOOKED Please call:[masked], if you would like to schedule a time. Thank you, Kathy

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"We are a Spiritual Community who's goal is to create Balance on all levels by learning, supporting, healing and spiritual growth.

Together we will bring awareness to self healing as well as ideas and interests for raising the vibration of self and world. This is a safe, relaxing and spiritual place, where like minded individuals are invited and embraced. We will educate and bring forth ideas for growth and spiritual development and enhance, live within and create a life filled with inner peace.

Balance for Life has been a thriving business since 2001, encouraging restorative behavior in all its forms. From Massage to Facials, Energy~work to Workshops & Classes, Balance for Life offers a variety of different paths towards relaxation, healing, education, personal betterment, as well as spiritual growth and we are proud to be named one of the most sought after place of healing on Long Island.

This year we have some of the best teachers, psychics & facilitators throughout Long Island sharing their knowledge, gifts, healing and skills each month in one of our most exciting & complete schedules so far. (

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