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Clear and Balance your Energy for the New Year & Beyond!
Develop Your Intuitive Gifts and Glide into 2019 With Ease: Clear and Balance your Energy for the New Year and Beyond! Speaker: Regina A. Luffey, Business Coach, Teacher & Mystic Organization: Lotus Wellness Center, Manassas VA - Do people often approach you and share personal stories or feelings? - Can you sense what someone is feeling before they even speak to you? - Do you sometimes feel uneasy, uncomfortable, or overwhelmed when in large groups of people or public places? Any of these signs indicate that you may have intuitive psychic gifts. In this Monthly Healing Coop, get all the information you need to know to understand your special gifts, including: - Taking a fun and easy test to see what intuitive senses you may already have. Clairvoyance (ability to see) Clairaudience (hear) Clairsentients (feel) Claircognizant (know) Clairolfaction (smell) Clairgustation (taste) - A simple techniques to open your psychic senses and raise your vibrational frequency - Get acquainted with some simple divination tools such as crystals, tarot, sage, candles, and incense - How to protect yourself from lower energy frequencies, like energy vampires or drama queens - Powerful meditation practices to strengthen your link to your Spirit Guides and Angels - Discover how to clear the energy in your home or office - Learn how best to care for yourself energetically and spiritually for your best and highest good - Leave the class knowing how to embrace your personal intuitive gifts and live a life you love! And much much more… INTERACTIVE EXERCISES - Visualization to open chakra energy centers - Quiz to see where your psychic gifts are strongest - Techniques to clear and raise the energy in your home or office - Touch and feel simple Divination tools that help connect you to higher levels of consciousness We will wrap up the evening with a visualization exercise to close your chakra energy centers back down. A simple exercise you can use before interacting with large groups or public places At Lotus Wellness we also have many different healing modalities for that extra boost of wellbeing to include classes to help you cope with the pressures of the holidays. We help people tap in to their own intuitive energy systems and higher realms of consciousness for guidance and direction to include Massage Therapists, Reiki Healing, Access Consciousness Classes, Tuning Fork Therapy, Crystal Chakra Energy Healing. A little self care can help you raise your vibrational frequency so you can enjoy the holidays with ease and glide into the New Year supercharged and excited!

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This meetup on holistic and natural healthcare is led by Rob Pritchard Cert. Life Coach, hypnotist and Master Healer. Join us to find out information on topics such as detoxification, nutrition, and alternative and natural healing modalities.

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