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If you have met your actual Divine Counterpart/Divine Partner-- your Twin Flame, this group is for you. Specifically geared toward those who are in a separation stage between themselves and their TF, and how this journey inward has impacted their life, transformation, or healing. This group aims to support one another through conversation and support. Equally, it strives to create a community of people who have felt alone on this journey of self-healing/self-discovery/self-transformation--who perhaps have felt misunderstood, in the midst of this relationship, by those existing outside of the relationship (friends, co-workers, family, etc.).

This group also has the intention of discussing the general process of healing, and working through old wounds/karmic patterns-- the things we are left to work out within ourselves that our DC/TF has so lovingly revealed to us. Not only will we discuss and gain support around our experiences with our TF relationally, but we will also be surrounded by a supporting community of others who, like ourselves, are reaching to the sky-- who have been chosen to become our highest and truest versions of ourselves. This group has the option to discuss what our healing journey, in general, currently is, and what it has been like as well (different stages of healing).

-Discussions (some open, some lead by a specific sub-topic)
-More to Come!

Note: *Only those who have met their TF, or who intuitively believe they are destined to meet their TF are encouraged to join. Other circumstances will be considered (i.e. if someone is currently with their TF, or if they have been re-united with their TF). Members will be considered on a case-by-case basis.*

Please include a short note as to why you believe that you would benefit from this group. Thank you!

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