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Fun Phoenix Mountain Hike and Local Breakfast
Ranger Ilona will lead you on an easy hike in the Phoenix Mountains. From Shea and 40th Street, turn south for about a mile until the road ends into the parking area. If no spaces are available, you can park on the sides of the road leading to the lot. Carpooling is a good idea. The hike should take about an hour. Please be there BEFORE 9, as we will be starting our hike right at 9. Dogs are welcome on the trail. After the hike, we will go for a bite to eat at 32 Shea. Yes, that's the name of the restaurant. It is located in the NW quadrant of 32nd St. and Shea, just one mile west of the hiking turnoff point. Dogs are welcome there, too, but they must be on the patio, where we'll likely be anyway. Make sure you are wearing well-treaded footware/hiking shoes. And BRING PLENTY OF WATER!!!

North Phoenix Mountain Park/Preserve

9200 N 40th St · Phoenix, AZ

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What we're about

Come join like-minded singles 50 and older, knowledgeable in areas such as the social sciences, communications, or philosophy.

Self-Actualized Singles is being formed to gather people over 50 who are genuinely happy with themselves, can truly appreciate others’ accomplishments, and are interested in interacting with others through fun social activities. Whether you prefer an energy-rich lifestyle or a simple life, if the one thing missing is having someone to share it with, this group is for you.

You should join Self-Actualized Singles 50+ if:

• You crave healthy communication with others and find a bottle-neck in this important aspect of a relationship
• The importance of understanding people surpasses convincing and judgement
• Your decisions are made naturally by what is right for you, while still showing respect to those who don’t agree
• Achieving a solid foundation with someone would mean the ability to feel connected, even in a quiet environment
• You recognize the importance of little things and can see how they fit into the whole picture
• You have a good sense of humor
• You are well-educated and your career has followed paths in areas of psychology, anthropology, analysis, writing, or similar tracts
• Covey’s “7 Habits” makes sense to you.

Self-Actualized Singles 50+ shares activities of interest among members, with filtered characteristics connecting each other in ways more comfortable for us. Initially, the group will offer a couple of events each month, expanding over time. Impromptu activities offered by members are welcome. Events will be scheduled in various parts of the Valley.

The group will not have a designated leader, but a coordinator to keep an active calendar. Members interested in hosting an activity, event, or outing need only to notify the group coordinator for a calendar update and invitation distribution.

Curious to learn more about self-actualization? Here is a link to a self-assessment tool:

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