What we're about

This Meetup is about self-growth, self-discovery, spirituality, healing and connecting.

My name is Cristina and I have been holding self-development and spiritual events for years in central London. I am a counsellor, Reiki Master healer, Tarot reader, shaman and metaphysician.

Join my Meetup if you are interested in:

- Learning about the Universe, metaphysics, sacred geometry, Kabbalah, other dimensions

- Learning about your own consciousness and healing traumas

- Becoming the best version of yourself

- Learning how to love yourself

- Finding your Soulmate/Twin Flame and experiencing more love and abundance

- Practicing and expanding your intuitive/psychic abilities and learning how to read cards, use pendulums and see the future

- Learning and practicing shamanism

- Being certified in the Munay Ki

Also, if you have any questions on spirituality that haven't been answered so far, I invite you to come to my monthly Q&A sessions.

I have a vast experience in teaching metaphysics and have helped so many people gain more knowledge of this quantum Universe and of their own consciousness, teaching them how to integrate spiritual understanding into every day life. I look forward to seeing you in my workshops.

For more information on myself and my work, please visit my website:


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