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As you may know, the number one fear reported by people during public surveys conducted across the globe is the fear of public speaking. People will go to any extent to avoid speaking in Public.

Also known as ‘Glossophobia’ or ‘speech anxiety’, the Fear of Public Speaking can ruin professional careers of many talented individuals. The good news is you can be a good Public Speaker by using NLP principles.

You must probably be wondering – What Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has to do with Public Speaking? People across the globe are attending NLP trainings to get rid of their Fear of Public Speaking.

There are various NLP Techniques and methodologies that come handy to be an effective Speaker.

Dr Richard Bandler’s ‘Fast Phobic Cure’, is a very powerful NLP Technique which allows an individual to dissociate from and learn from the traumatic experience of Public Speaking at a neurological level.

*Anchoring, is a very powerful NLP Technique, which can be used by a person to get into a Powerful State of Excellence. Here a person has access to states to deliver a speech effectively, for e.g. being in a confident state, calm state etc.

*New Behavior generator, is another powerful way to improve Public Speaking skills, where a quick application of NLP Modelling is applied to learn from a person who is already good in Public Speaking and generating that Behavior for self.

*Being in Outcome Frame. This is a conscious effort made to aid in delivering effective Public Speeches. This requires programming your mind to think in positives rather than negatives. ‘Don’t think about a Yellow Elephant’, and you are thinking about a Yellow Elephant. Your mind does not work in negatives. Your mind has to first think about it and then cancel the image.

If this is your thought – I don’t want to present badly – Your mind is going to create images about presenting badly, and invariably the sub-conscious mind is going to make that happen. So, if you start thinking in positives, e.g. I would like to present gracefully, or I want to present powerfully – the images that you create in your mind will allow you to program yourself to succeed at a Sub-Conscious level.

*Visualization – Visualization is another powerful NLP Technique that can be used to become a Powerful Speaker. This is more like a dry run of the activity in your mind, even before you are performing it. If you visualize yourself delivering Speeches confidently and powerfully, then when you actually have to deliver, things becomes very easy, because in your mind you have already practiced it a thousand times.

*Swish Technique – Another NLP Technique that can be handy for effective Public Speaking is the Swish Pattern. You are required to identify a trigger which leads to the disastrous behavior of failing during Public Speaking. For e.g. People are looking at your during your speeches, and you become nervous and do not present well. As part of Swish pattern you have to program your mind for the new behavior to set by consciously practicing to overrun the undesired image (Struggling with Public Speaking) with the desired image (Of being effective during Public Speaking) over and over again.

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