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As we sojourn through life, we all face different challenges in our every day lives life, some small, some big. Every life goal, whether it be to increasing our reading habit or making more friends or coping better with disappointments, is a challenge. Sometimes some challenges can make us feel a bit lost, sometimes for a little bit, sometimes a little longer. Don't we often wonder how we can benefit from the broader human community in learning how to navigate through life's challenges big and small.

The goal of the group is to develop a community of sojourners meeting on a regular basis, developing self-awareness, providing support so that feel better equipped to face life's challenges. We achieve this through facilitation of reading books that help increase self-awareness, sharing life stories and, at times, participating in Christ-centered spiritual practices. The group will follow different activities ranging from discussing self-help books to forming cohorts for the sake of mutual support and encouragement in facing everyday life challenges.

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