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Healthy Lifestyles
Weight Loss Support Group
Agreements & Guidelines

1. Attend 2 Meetings to Determine If This Group Meets Your Needs.
2. Time: Arrive at 6:25 pm We start at 6:30pm. & end at 8:30pm
Lateness is disruptive to group process.
3. Attend All Weekly Meetings.
For an Emergency Call Charles (760-436-8675).
4. Bring a Loose Leaf For Data Collection, Referral to Material Handouts, Note Taking & Creating a Manual of Successful Practices. Handouts will be needed over several meetings.
5. Secure Your Dr's Blessing For Weight Reduction.
6. Keep Confidentiality of Personal Information Shared by Members.
7. Be Patient With Yourself in Absorbing, Adopting, Acquiring & Integrating New Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors. Understand That Weight Loss is Not Our Primary Goal.
8. Use Compassionate Giraffe Language With Yourself & Others (Re Non-Critical, Non-Judgmental, Non-Analytical & Empathetic Words. Avoid Killer Statements…… Advice Giving & Psychologizing Unless Requested by a Group Member & Certified By a Notary).
9. Have a Good Time & Enjoy Our Powerful Journey Together.
10. Understand That This Group is A Learning Group. The Group is Not Appropriate For Those Who Are Seeking Therapy.
10. If You Intend to Drop Out of This Group Prematurely, Come to the Group to Relay Your Needs to Group Members. This Provides Completion With All Group Members
Are there any agreements above that you cannot meet?
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