What we're about

"One of the happiest traits of character is to be rich without much money - rich in intellect, rich in ideas, rich in deeds, rich and health and cheerfulness, rich in soul."

- Henry F. Kletzing, Traits of Character.

Structure of the Society

The society is comprised of a main-committee, and various sub-committees. The main-committee meetings will be labeled, "Main-Committee," in the title and the various sub-committee's in the title as follows: "Charity Sub-Committee." This is the main-committee meeting that new, and active members must attend. The smaller sub-committees will meet separately, and are optional.

For example, outside of the main-committee, the charity sub-committee will meet on a specified day, and carry out a specific task. One such example would be volunteering for the Salvation Army's DC Grate Patrol, feeding the homeless community of DC.

Each meeting for the main-committee of the society (this meeting is a meeting for the main-committee) will be comprised of the following activities (these can be changed, or altered, as the membership sees fit):

-- Presentation Period --

During this time, myself, or any interested go-getters can present on a topic of their choosing. For the first meeting I would like to discuss time-management. We can learn so much from wiser men, and women. One example would be Benjamin Franklin, who had this to say about time:

In Poor Richard's Almanac, he wrote, “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander Time; for that’s the Stuff Life is made of.”

- Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1746

This leads to the question: "How do we effectively manage our time to ensure we are industrious."

We could potentially discuss time-management techniques.

-- Discussion/Learning Period --

Discussion -

Any members who wish to share knowledge on a particular topic, or want to inquire about a specific topic, such as how to manage their time effectively, they can ask during this time.

Learning -

During this period we could choose a topic we would like to learn more about as a group, and prosecute the plan to study. As a go-getter, one must always be studying, and learning. We could use this period to discuss a new language.

-- Book Club Period --

During this time we will read some of Self-help, a book from Samuel Smiles, and discuss application of the content. It does no good to read something unless it is applied to ones own life.

Mission of the Self-Improvement Society of Virginia

The Self-improvement Society of Virginia is looking for young men, and women, who long to make themselves useful to their fellow-man. Young men, and women, who want to be in a constant pursuit of self-betterment in all aspects of life, and to want to help make a lasting impact in the lives of others.

Through the exploration of the lives of famous men, and women, the consumption of self-help books (such as Plutarch's Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans, Self-help, Every Man A King, etc), life-long learning in all subjects (science, arithmetic, languages, art, music, politics, etc.), charity, and physical fitness, we will help each other grow.

We are looking to develop good character, brilliant minds, and to make ourselves useful to the world around us. Charity is a must if you intend on joining this tight knit type society.

If you love people like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Smiles, Alexander Hamilton, etc., then this is the society for you.

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