What we're about

Have you forgotten who you truly are?

Are you questioning your life purpose and direction?

Overwhelmed as a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a lover?

Would you like to embody a higher possible version of yourself while honouring your needs and desires?

Celebrate your uniqueness and embrace your imperfections?

“Compassion for yourself and others is your source of power.”

Self-love gives you the ability to move without taking others suffering as your own and prevents you from draining.

Learn to reconnect with yourself in a loving way.

Become more aware and in tune with your emotions.

Learn to guide your energy to your heart so you can shine your compassion.

Awaken your inner essence in a loving supportive environment.

We will learn:
Mindfulness Self Compassion
Befriending Inner-critic
Emotional Balance Meditations
EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques
NLP visualisations
Energy work:
Chakra balancing
Breathing Techniques
Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Techniques

These practices are achievable and can fit into your daily life routine.

You can pick up my free self-compassion meditation @ www.taratrautman.com

Can’t wait to meet you in our next meeting!

With love and light,

Tara ✨

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Passion for Purpose

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Passion for Purpose

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