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In these times, whether we know it or not, we are all looking for our soul tribe, those beings we incarnated with, and agreed to come together for spiritual growth. It can be difficult to trust ourselves enough to know who is meant to be in our lives or how we should be finding these loved ones. Many of us sink into loneliness and despair because other people just don't seem to 'get us' or we don't seem to fit in...

Reconnecting souls with their tribe is a passion of mine. I do it through my Self-Love Retreats, and Meetups, 1-1 sessions, and now through this amazing technique I have been practicing.

Soul-gazing is a very old technique (I thought I had thought of the name! Heehee) As it turns out, it is a name from the tantric practice of eye-gazing, which I have found I have a gift at and a passion for reconnecting people with themselves and their own value, worthiness and love...

These Meetups will connect you instantly with your soul family members when we do processes together, you look into their eyes... you will know them, or you will meet new people who you may journey with as soul-sisters, brothers, grandmothers, parents, or soulmates...

Every month the plan is to have soul gatherings, utilizing Soul-Gazing and other techniques for reconnecting self to self, self to others, self to planet, self to Universal Love, humanity to humanity, humanity to Mother Earth... you get the picture!

If you are at all called to be with us, then please join and lets end the loneliness epidemic on the outside as well as the inside right?! Life is for livin' so lets jump into the joy of soul connection... XOXO

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Deep Self Confidence through Soul Gaze and EFT

Fullarton Park Community Centre


Hey everyone! It's a big time of change for all awakening souls... so let's get together and I will show you how I finally became a confident person, who can live my dreams, after an entire life of hiding, faking it and limiting myself... Whew!! I'll show you several techniques, including Soul-Gaze and Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) you can use in everyday life to feel confident and stop doubting yourself and your ability to really LIVE this life in the spirit of joy and fulfilment! C'mon and join us! All welcome, bring a friend... XOXO Mary M

Living the 6 Truths of Source: Full day in the Vortex!

Adelaide Theosophical Society

Powerful ADELAIDE Souls!! This is already the most exciting, vibrationally aligning, off the charts-transformational event I've ever had the privilege to present! You will finally understand exactly what you need to do to live in vibrational alignment with Source!! How to be the joy, to heal the wounded ego and the illusion of separation, to BE living in the light of the new Earth... If you are anything like me, and I know you are, you have been experiencing DEEP inner purging of repressed emotions and the opportunity to heal, release and transform at the deepest level. WHEW right? But know this... Source is all serving you in the highest.. These feelings come up, are felt and experienced when they are on the way OUT. Your tears ARE your healing. This full day workshop is taking all of the mess, the 'blockages' the 'stuckness' the grief, abandoned feelings, hopeless feelings, the ANGER, the reactiveness, the blame, ALL of it.... and transforming it back into LOVE within you. WE are bringing us all out of the illusion of separation from Source and back into the light in every way possible in one day of absolute fun, connection, oneness and whatever word means more than LOOOOVE. ~~~ The powerful process of remembering and absorbing these 6 truths of Source is comfortably and lovingly begun in the company of like-minded souls who have also been called to alignment with you! ~~~ The full day will give you some concentrated time in the deep vibrations of these Source truths, allowing you to leave the day having realibrated your frequency back to joy and trust, and able to hold that energy for yourself and humanity more soundly. Yay finally! ~~~ Practical guidance and tools are shared and experienced that you can take with you to recalibrate yourself back to Source alignment any time! Experience: The 6 Divine Truths of Source, explained and experienced. Musical Alchemy Sound healing Deep Connection with the truth of Source and your place in this awakening Joyful connection between human souls! Deep healing form the highest Source and for the highest good of all Finally understand exactly what you need to do to live in vibrational alignment with Source!! The full day of Bliss: $97 Bring a friend Half-price! 2 tickets $147 Click here to register and RSVP here on Meetup as well XX http://tix.yt/living-the-6-truths-of-source Contact me with any enquiries at all..... [masked] Do whatever you need to do to be with us, powerful creator...... Your Source is calling you here!..... What if THIS one day is what changes everything? These truths are changing lives around the globe, as we all remember what we always knew..... WE are LoveLoveLove WHAT OTHERS SAY: "This is the best thing I have ever done for myself!" "I’ve made unshakable breakthroughs and unbreakable friendships. I am blown away by this experience. Take the time to love yourself ️ It is invaluable. I feel changed. Thank you Mary, for your love and insights, and for helping me re-remember that universal peace, starts within me. I’m excited to explore more." (Jayne, Cairns, Qld) Blessings, Mary M

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Come and Try Soul-Gaze!

Fullarton Park Community Centre


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