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This meetup is for guys who want to build a powerful sense of self-confidence and learn how to build genuine, lasting and successful friendships and relationships.

Do you struggle to improve your sense of self-esteem and confidence?

Are you confused as to why your romantic relationships don't work out, or even struggle to get into a relationship in the first place?

Do you want better and/or stronger friendships?

What are you doing differently to change this?

Understanding how to build confidence and become comfortable in our own skin isn’t something we learn in school (otherwise this group wouldn’t exist!).

For many of us we go out into the world believing we will always be more or less the kind of person we were in school... If we didn't take to it naturally when we were younger, feeling comfortable in social situations and being able to connect with others easily, especially with women can be a frustrating inner battle.

The good news is that you're never stuck as the person you were yesterday, or even right now... YOU CAN CHANGE!

This isn't about becoming arrogant, or being conceited! It's about developing a deep and healthy self-respect and understanding of ourselves and other people. Become a leader and learn how to develop a deep sense of cool and self-confidence that all people warm to and aspire towards.

Stand out, become a success and make a difference, not just in your romantic relationships, but those in your family, your friendships and with your colleagues at work too. This group will help and support guys to learn, master and most importantly apply the fundamentals of self-worth, charisma and how to connect with others more easily and impactfully!

You will learn key success factors such as:
- How to build and communicate personal value and self-esteem
- How to feel comfortable in your own skin and own social situations
- Know what your own blocks and limitations are that may be holding you back and how to unlock these

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