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Self-Mastery Group Coaching (Free)
Do any of these sound familiar? You feel stuck in terms of personal and professional growth. You wish a neutral party could help you see things from a fresh or objective perspective. You want to wake up every day with a greater sense of meaning and purpose. I can help. The Self-Mastery Group Coaching Program will help you… Feel more relaxed, accepting of yourself and at peace with your life. Make important decisions with conviction and confidence because you know you’re on the right path Tell which life direction will bring more meaning and purpose and have the courage to pursue it. Live a life that is true to you, free from judgements, expectations, and obligations. You can live a purposeful life and make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones when you listen in and follow the guidance from your inner wisdom. And I’m here to guide you. The Self-Mastery Group Coaching Programme is for you if you want to live your potential and find answers for yourself so you can make decisions that’ll get you closer to the life you’re meant to live. About Michelle Ayn Tessensohn I coach women who’ve had therapy and done inner work but want to deepen their personal and spiritual journey. I help them get clarity and perspective so they can move forward with self-acceptance, trusting they are making decisions that lead to a life of fulfilment and greater meaning. TESTIMONIAL: 'I felt like I’d tried everything and although it had all helped a little bit, nothing had been the silver bullet I was hoping for - but working with you approached the same problems from a completely different angle. Now I have a different perspective, clearer boundaries and more insight into what's really going on with me. I feel much more hopeful and in control of how I feel. I've learnt to use some tools that I'll be able to refer back to and use again whenever I need them in the future.' Sophy Dale, Business Mentor for Creative People.

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You've had therapy and done inner work but want to deepen your personal and spiritual journey.

You want clarity and perspective so you can move forward with self-acceptance, trusting that you're making decisions that lead to a life of fulfilment and greater meaning.

If this all sounds like you, this Meetup group is for you.

Join our community to receive support and guidance on your personal path and self-mastery.

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