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Do you sometimes feel a lack of motivation, confidence or happiness? Or perhaps you want to overcome feelings of loneliness, depression or anxiety. Or do you just want to improve your ability to motivate yourself, raise your own energy level, boost your self-confidence and create a more meaningful life?
Whatever your mind set, in this group you will learn natural laws of life and tools which will help you to remove the barriers that are inhibiting your abilities to live a fuller, happier life.
In this group we will explore:
- What holds a person back and depresses his natural enthusiasm and zest for life.
- Just what is mental health.
- How does one let go of or rid oneself of the effects of bad experiences.
- How can one start good relationships.
- How to maintain a good relationship once it has been started.
This group is sponsored by the Dianetics and Scientology Life Improvement Center.

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How to Relieve the Burden of Bad Past Experience

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In the search for happiness and success one can can be depressed by the burden of past painful experiences. Such experiences inhibit survival, cause depression, loss of self-confidence and other undesirable states of mind..

Some common examples of such experiences includes:

  • Loss of a parent, friend or a pet in childhood
  • A relationship gone bad resulting in emotional upset
  • Being abused, betrayed, suffering an injustice.
  • Being molested in any way
  • Loss of possessions, such as a house, a business, a job, a position, etc.
  • Being hurt or seeing another person being hurt in combat
  • Having lived with someone who was very, dominant, abusive or critical.

One cannot ignore the burdens of such painful memories and hope they will vanish on their own. One cannot just drink or take drugs to be free of them - not permanently anyway. They endure.

In this group, we'll talk about the real solution to painful or traumatic experiences. There ARE effective solutions that WORK!

We'll talk about the details during the meeting.

This is sponsored by the Dianetics and Scientology Life-Improvement Center.

Start Living a Life of Happiness and Joy

Dianetics and Scientology Life Improvement Center

You're tired of feeling sad, angry, or depressed. You want to change your life and live a happier one!

Imagine having the tools you need to become more positive and learn how to deal with negative emotions like anger, fear, sadness. Learn how to let go of painful experiences from your past so that they don't hold you back in the future. Heal from the narcissist who was trying to control you through manipulation and abuse.

Life is too short for negativity! Start Living a Life of Happiness & Joy!

This meeting will help you release negative emotions while increasing self-confidence as well as learning new ways on heal from the past.

- Learn how the mind work
- Find out a new, simple technique for becoming happier and more joyful
- Meet and connect with like-minded and supportive people

Your happiness is important. Your joy is important. Let's invest in YOU in this meeting.

This group is created by the Dianetics and Scientology life improvement center in Sacramento, California, to help people gain more happiness and joy.

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