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We formed this group in order to support you as a writer and author. It’s our mission to ensure new authors get through the self-publishing of their books seamlessly, swiftly, and affordably. We regularly hold meetings and workshops that will help you with writing, structuring, titling, editing, designing, publishing, distributing, and marketing your book-baby.

It’s a fast moving industry and we’re staying on top of the changes so you don’t have to. If you want to put together a professional book you need all the details that go beyond your passion of writing. So join Self Publishing Experts of Denver and stay on top of….

• how to choose the editor that’s right for you

• what copyright permissions you’ll need and what you don’t

• the ingredients for an eye-catching book cover

• the art of an enticing back-of-book blurb

• ho•w to create a book title with buzz

• everything e-book

• how to avoid predatory publishing vendors

• what costs should be for each step of your publishing journey

• what’s the difference between a distributor and a wholesaler and how to get one

• book marketing do’s and don’ts

• how to get your book on the shelves of Tattered Cover! (We all love that as Denver-ites, don’t we?)

• And of course much more as we keep an eye on this publishing revolution…

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Author & Writer Mastermind Group - The Business of Writing

The Writer's Nest (aka Polly's Garage)

Join together with other writers & authors to increase your presence, marketing & influence. - Monthly meetings with spot coaching opportunities - Discover and implement marketing strategies for your book and genre - Ongoing group support and feedback - Tips and topics from industry experts The program is open to authors and writers committed to making their craft a career - whether you are still writing a book or already have a book! $75 monthly investment Max of 8 participants per group To be a part of this mastermind group, please contact Andrea directly at [masked] or call[masked]

Writer's Retreat - Write Your Book, Finish a Project, Get it Done!

The Writer's Nest (aka Polly's Garage)


Are you ready to write your book, finish a big project, or give your idea some attention? We know it can be hard to make the time to write your book, and it's hard to get out of town for a writing retreat, so join us our in town Writer's Retreats in Denver this summer. You can come to one day or all three. It's up to you. - Carve out time to work on your book or project - Receive feedback, coaching, and ideas on your work - Get support from a My Word consultant and other writers - These retreats are designed to get you focused on your project, so you can make progress, and gain momentum to get it done. Only $99 per day To register for the first event, click the link below. http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=o4lo4tcab&oeidk=a07egcfjn87ef14affb

The BUSINESS of Being an Author

Financial Services Management

We’re all right-brainers, aren’t we? We like the creativity of writing, building a character with weird tics who might be hiding behind a personality disorder, and we love tossing in an unexpected twist in plot. Unfortunately, for our fragile little creative brains the IRS insists we engage the left side of our noggins, too, and actually treat our authordom as a business. Oh, the insanity! Have you found yourself fussing over these insane questions? • What tax licenses do we need? Colorado? County? Occupational tax? • Come on, do we reaaaaallllly need to claim sales tax if we only sell 100 books a year? • How do I keep records? • What can I write off? • How do I collect taxes if I sell a book in Jefferson county in the morning, Denver county in the afternoon, and Arapaho county in the evening? • Do I need a sales tax license for every f-ing county I sell a book in? • If I put all charges on a credit card, do I also need the receipts? • Can I file my sales tax annually instead of quarterly? • If we ONLY sell wholesale on Amazon (via POD) do we need a sales tax license? • Do we need to charge sales tax if we’re selling out of state? • How do I pay myself? • Do I need Quickbooks? Can’t I just use an excel spread sheet? • Should I set up my publishing company as a sole proprietorship or an LLC? We have wrangled in a left-brained guy who does all this crap for a living and has agreed to answer all of our questions. The Business of Being an Author is a free-for-all. There is very very little official program, instead it’s going to be largely Q&A, an opportunity to ask questions so you walk away and know the answers to these horrible, brain-numbing questions. AND IT’s FREE. PS: Loooooord knows, DO NOT ASK ME TO SEND YOU A SYNOPSIS. You must show up if you want the answers to this nonsense. No one wants this coming second hand from me.

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