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This meeting is about The Ultimate achievement, Self Realisation and Enlightenment

Throughout time, humanity has continually tried to avail of and get help from a Higher Power. A Power that is everywhere and also within you.

This Higher Power is within, and can be drawn out. We have a model, which consists of a series of progressive steps designed to draw out your Higher Power. Once empowered, you will begin experiencing the difference that this can make to you, your life and your future.

Those who fully avail of their Higher Power will assure you it is our greatest asset. There have been countless ways offered to try and avail of our Higher Power. We believe this to be a faster, more certain and scientific way for people of today.

We invite you to come and see the results for yourself in the form of videos and live demonstrations. Then you will better understand the difference availing of your Higher Power will make

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Self Realisation and Meditation Model for Living. The Ultimate Secret

Radisson Blu Edwardian Grafton Hotel

The presentation is an introduction to an incredible and unique Enlightenment Seminar model, which shows replicable steps, which is how I and others learnt how to avail of the Higher Power. You can learn this too as this is for everyone, who wants to avail of it. I am very passionate to share this with other open minded people who want to permanently contact their innate intelligence, which is trapped within. We invite you to see for yourself in the form of videos and live demonstrations, so you can get to better understand the difference contact with your Higher Power will make for you. At the FREE introduction on Monday 29th April 2019, you will be very comfortable in a relaxed environment as you feel the energy coming from us. We freely, openly and honestly would like to share with you how real this is, to contact your Higher Self, permanently. You are welcomed to bring along like-minded friends who are interested in the truth about Enlightenment and living from your Higher Power. All attending the presentation must registered prior to attending please. This event is FREE to attend. I look forward to meeting you. Love and light Jennifer

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