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None of us actually owns a digital identity. We simply rent identities from each of the websites or apps we use, resulting in an inefficient, fraud-riddled, privacy-invading mess. Additionally, each organization we interact with must store our personal information in massive databases. These ‘silos’ become gold mines to hackers and toxic liabilities for anyone obligated to store the data.

It is a fight we cannot win with the same thinking that caused the problem. Something has got to change.

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) with verifiable claims = simply revolutionary.

With that, we created the #SSIToronto Meetup to bring together business innovators, technologists and anyone who wants to learn about SSI and contribute to building live and effective SSI solutions.

#SSIToronto activities will include monthly meetups, chat groups, webinars, training courses, and on-demand custom sessions. We are working with industry experts and leaders in the SSI space to curate a unique experience for each of you.

We can't wait to have you join us and discuss anything SSI with you!

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Embracing Privacy to Fuel Growth

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Self-Sovereign Identity for B2B Transactions

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