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This group is for women who are engaged and have decided to plan their own wedding! I was right where you are, Beautiful...decided to do my planning on my own and had to figure it out as I went. I started out stressed but once I got things out of my head and into an organized plan, everything changed. I also was luckily marrying a wedding DJ who had been on the front lines and together. His expertise was invaluable! He and I ended up creating a day that or family and friends are still talking about to this day... comments about how much fund they had and how much love they felt in the room. Priceless. Our wedding day was pretty damn seamless and I was a very relaxed Bride. :-) I also used my professionally trained Relationship Coach skills to make sure my relationship with my hubby kept growing and feeling delicious as we moved through the entire process.

Do you want to get guidance on how to streamline your planning efforts? Do you want to connect with a group of other ladies that are in the same boat as you and may be feeling that undertone of overwhelm that you try to keep in check? Let's come together to get timelines completed and a checklist in your hand. Get all of those "To-Dos" out of your head and into an organized fashion that will serve you and those you delegate tasks to (yes...delegating is another key to keeping your brain in tact my Beautiful Brides.

My husband and I will hold group planning boot camps at least once per month. We'll share some food (I love to cook!), some wine, and learn not only about getting a handle on your wedding planning and share our experiences of what we've experienced thus far but also about being women, Moms, soon-to-be wives, partners - LIFE.

My husband and I started this group because every bride-to-be deserves peace of mind as she plans her most special day. Having been able to help friends get things on track for their wedding and create a space where both the bride and groom felt supported had us think we should share this with other.

Let's have some fun and get your peace of mind back in the process!

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