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This group is for everybody who would love to be happier in life and develop self-love! For everybody who would like to get from:

♥ From low self-confidence to self-confidence
♥ From self-hate to self-love
♥ From not loving your body to admire and nurture it
♥ From constant suffering and obstacles to free flow of life
♥ From lack of fulfillment to appreciation and pure joy and satisfaction

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We will organize the Monthly Self-Love Community Meet Up and Talk with the Experts that will help us to tap into deeper self-love and self-care.

We will share with each other our self-love stories and plenty of practical&powerful tools for our growth that we can implement in our life on the daily basis.

This is as well a place where you can ask anything, get advice and support from us and as well community members!

Huge hugs. With Love.

Samaya Behrens & Triana Iglesias

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7-Day Spiritual Bootcamp with Samaya Behrens in Paradise

Gili Asahan Eco Lodge & Restaurant

⏳Save an enormous amount of time, frustration, suffering and money in the future and let your energy quickly align with your inner truth and your soul's plan. ⏳ Does any of these challenges sound familiar to you? 👉You feel you have a lot of knowledge about yourself and life, but you still find it difficult to heal your past and something is holding you back? 👉You feel like there is more to be explored internally but you have too much fear and need guidance to dive deeper? 👉It looks like you have a successful life, but you wouldn't mind feeling more meaning and experiencing more fulfilling relationships? 👉You are really tired of suffering from anger, depression and anxiety attacks in your life and you are craving inner peace and contentment? 👉Dealing with life’s unexpected challenges and strong emotions is too overwhelming? 👉Your soul is seeking a deep inner journey with daily rituals, sacred ceremonies, releasing, healing, transformation, and embodiment as a part of your life? 👉You have done a lot of self-development work, read a lot of books, but you still struggle and can't really SEE the big changes and results manifested in your life? 👉You are looking for a solution that can actually bring REAL TRANSFORMATION to your life, but have not yet found it? All of the people that have participated in iWakening transformational workshops and retreats with Samaya, claim that this experience was life-changing. Even the workshops that are only a few hours, they say they got more out of that workshop than any other healing modality they have used for years. 🙏Imagine what kind of impact a 7-day Full-On Transformational Program with Samaya Behrens could bring to your life? 🙏 Samaya Behrens - Norwegian, Spiritual Globetrotter, Soul Reader, Energy Healer & Transformational Coach invites you for “7-day Spiritual Bootcamp” TRAINING in the stunning and magical island Gili Asahan witch is located right outside Bali - the Island of Gods. Through more than 23 years of her experience working with transformational processes and modalities within holistic health, Samaya has helped thousands of people to make a total turned around in their life. She guided them through life-changing journeys so they could truly start receiving more beauty in their lives. ❤Samaya understands how it feels to be empty inside and wanting more out of life, but not having a clue where to start? She sees where you are, she sees what you need and she will guide you towards your trues essence and fullest potential. She’s here for you.❤ Through her own experience and long learning journey, she found the best and smartest way to transform her life and that is why she created: ✨ iWakening 5 steps Training Program For Your Consciousness✨ During the training, you will go through a deep inner transformational journey. You will align with your highest purpose and start living truly from your heart and manifest all the true beauty into your life. Real transformation happens on the inside. During the training, we will train all levels of your consciousness. The whole goal of the training is to assist you towards Self Mastery so you become the best version of yourself - and live your truest essence. You will learn efficient tools, exercises, and strategies on how to heal all kinds of traumas. All of these tools give you the opportunity of keeping up the training when you are back home from the retreat! Get ready to start receiving an unlimited amount of love, beauty and see the perfection of your life path with gratitude and an open heart. Just indulge yourself - give yourself an opportunity to truly transform and get ready to make your dreams a reality!

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3 - Day iWakening Spiritual Bootcamp in Oslo, Norway



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