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This site will now be dedicated to comedy writing. Besides announcements about our paid workshops, soon you will see "Meetups" at various locations throughout the greater Phoenix area and beyond.

Let's write jokes, sets, sketches and more. Let's help each other!

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Ok everybody. We have been wondering for a long time what to do with this meetup since out Laugh Factory friends decide what yo do. Now we know. We are partnering with Selfie Share the newest social media phenom! (We hope lol)

Go to Selfieshare.com download the app. There are a ton of contests there. Post a video. Enter it into a contest, like oh say the new COMEDY CONTEST! Every month the video that gets the most likes will win 500 bucks! You must have a minimum of one hundred unique likes.
Look for this space for new contests and Selfie Share parties and events!

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Selfie Share is the newest social media platform! Just download the app, post a video and you can win five hundred bucks! All kind of new contests to enter, modeling, acting, and of course, comedy! Get the most "likes" and win.Try it!It's free!

You didn't win the Power Ball. But you can still five hundred Bucks!

Selfieshare.com is the only social media site paying you! Go to the google play store. Download the app. Post a pic. Enter it into one of the many contests on the site and if you get the most likes (minimum 100 likes) you will win 500 BUCKS! It is that easy! Try it out! C,mon!

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